Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Jadis.
All of her sexy videos today are 1920x1080HD.
Sexy breath holding bent over cam a. She looks gorgeous today holding her breath on her hands and knees. Her body looks especially fine with a perfect tan and mesmerizing breasts. She pushes herself harder than ever before on these holds and gets great contractions.
Sexy breath holding bent over cam b. Her stomach flexes in and out so hard that her whole torso moves up and down like a bucking bronco. At the same time her legs are kicking and flexing in the background. Natural room audio for pure breath hold fans.
Very nice breast pulse close ups. Her breasts were just off the charts sexy so we filmed a close up of her visible pulse and it’s very good. Her nipple moves with every heart beat and the cam is focused perfectly on the spot with most movement.
Wild belly noises with help from soda. Her belly was making some loud noises during other videos but when we went to film it there were too many pauses between noises. After a little soda it is nice and consistent.
POV Listening to your girlfriends heart after exercise. Her topless jumping jacks are a real treat but it gets better when she walks up to you so you can steth her chest and listen to those sweet thundering heart sounds. It’s a hot experience that will make you an even bigger fan.