Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
For those wondering. Zara is of east Indian decent. She’s lived her whole life in the usa though and has no accent.
Zara Very unusual heart ultrasound. Hopefully someone can make sense of this resting ultrasound. I had to zoom out further than ever before on the ultrasound machine setting to get all of her heart in the picture. I don’t know why her heart looks so unusual.
Expanded description. If you know what is up with her heart please let me know so I can add the info to her workout ultrasound video coming at a later date. Her heart is very healthy. It never skips a beat during all of our filming and slows down to normal seconds after working out. In the ultrasound it looks like there is an extra part of her heart inches away from the rest at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a valve is flapping in this section as well.
Zara squat workout with very conditioned heart. You can tell by her six pack that she works out a lot. Moments after doing squats her heart is back to a slow pace. While resting she strikes a few poses.
Zara breath holds and heart tour ab pulse. She’s really bad at breath holding so I stopped teaching her after her 2nd attempt. We then switch to an ab pulse video while also doing a heart tour with the steth. The breath holding is included for free.
Expanded description. Sorry breath hold fans but after shooting these videos for so long I can tell when someone is going to get better at breath holding. Some people have zero desire so they won’t even try.