Uploaded 4 new videos to Fetish Goddesses.
Anna visible pulse in abs and neck with very fast pulse. New girl Anna has a super fast pulse at all times. The pulse is very visible in her abs neck and chest. She falls asleep a few times and her heart beat changes.
Anna’s awesome heart tour. While recording I could hear a higher pitched sound that I knew would be lost with the low pass filter so I changed the frequency and you can now hear a fuller range of her heart audio very clearly. She does a short bhold at each spot of the tour.
Anna’s incredible bouncing chest. Wow I’ve never seen anyone’s chest move this much from a resting heart. It looks like someone is punching her ribs behind her breast causing the whole thing to jump with each rapid beat. Probably our best visible chest pulse ever.
Anna’s incredible bouncing chest cam b. It’s even more pronounced from this angle. This is a masterpiece for anyone who likes tits, visible pulses and heart audio.