Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Super vacuums sitting up. She does a variety of great vacuums while sitting up. Really fantastic concave abs and rib protrusion. Heart beat is recorded.
Visible pulse topless wide angle. She holds her breath so you can see the visible pulse in her chest, ribs and abs. Surprisingly these single breath holds are as long as when she does all the breathing.
Visible pulse topless close up. Zoomed in on the area with the most action even the steth head moves with her heart beat.
Visible pulse topless cam b. This view is even better than cam a in my opinion. Near the end of the video she does cardio before the scene starts for a fast heart beat.
Ultrasound during rest. Nice views of her chambers and valves at work. The transducer gets flipped around a few times for opposing views.