$10 raffle to win a lifetime of videos. Send me $10 via paypal and you’re entered to win a lifetime of videos from the following 3 sites, Fetishgoddesses, newgoddesses and nudegoddesses. Most uploads from now forward will be to those sites. All money raised will go to hiring beautiful new models like Valentina.
This contest runs from today until January 15th 2019. 
Winner will be picked 2 days later.
You must be a current customer of ours. I’ll check every entry to make sure you have purchased videos from us before this contest started.
Banned customers are not eligible.
You may enter as many times as you like. Every $10 counts as one entry. So if you send $50 you will have 5 entries.
I’ll assign a number to every entry and at the end of the contest one of the current models will use a random number picker to pick the winner live on Skype. I’ll film this of course and make the video available for all to see if you can’t view the skype for some reason.
The winner of this contest will be asked to pick from one of these categories.
Breath holding-underwater.
Heart beat. (includes breath holds when hb is recorded and anything that has to do with the heart)
Stomach noises-exams.
Every time I upload a video from the winners chosen category they will receive a download code. The winner will continue to receive these codes as long as videos are being uploaded to the three sites mentioned above.
When sending money please put the word “RAFFLE” in the notes. No need to email me. Paypal sends me an email every time someone sends money. I’ll save all of these emails in a folder. On January 16th I’ll send everyone their official Number(s) for the raffle and on the 17th we will pick the lucky winner. Send money to 

Please note that 0702 is all numbers.

Since the holidays are very slow there won’t be many uploads until after the contest is over. Then I hope to be uploading 5-7 days a week with a constant stream of new beauties. It all depends on how much this contest raises.

Why not include videos from goddesses like Peyton, Juno or Cleo? Since the girls who have their own sites won’t be receiving any money from this contest I can’t give their videos away for free. All models on Fetishgoddesses, newgoddesses and nudegoddesses will be paid cash in full for their time.