Today we welcome a new goddess to the family Divine Cleo. She is good friends with Juno and shares Juno’s comfort in front of the camera.
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
1st breath holds with heart beat audio cam a. She does the first with no instructions or breaths before starting. She improves greatly after getting directions and even gets some contractions. Nice visible pulse between ribs.
1st breath holds with heart beat audio cam b. The view from above. The area between her ribs and under the bikini strap is visibly pulsing in this angle as well along with the steth.
Strong visible ab pulse and perfect skin. She has flawless, healthy skin which makes for a very pleasant visible pulse video. The first part she is relaxed and the second part is after cardio. Lots of movement from her heart.
A new standard for exercise videos and a very fast heart beat. She holds the steth perfectly at all times making for crystal clear and very loud heart audio during squats and after. While resting she confidently poses and flirts like a pro making this one of the best exercise videos I’ve ever seen.