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Valentina does the most incredible breath hold ever recorded a. This breath hold is over 5 minutes. She starts getting contractions at 3:20. At 4:30 her heart goes crazy with constant PVC’s until 10 seconds after the hold ends. That’s 40 seconds straight of incredible heart magic.
Valentina does the most incredible breath hold ever recorded b. We show every deep breath she took before this monumental breath hold. She struggles so hard to keep going and almost gives up many times which you can see in her amazing face expressions.
Expanded description.  As she ramps up for this epic breath hold, you hear her sweet voice while breathing in and out to build up her oxygen level. Then at approximately 4:30 into the video, the magic begins and you hear her first PVC’s come in a half minute before she releases the air. Those sweet skips keep going well into her recovery period. Plus, her heart pounds so hard during recovery, you can see the steth vibrate with every beat. This is the best PVC footage since Pele’s videos.
Valentina’s belly noises. She’s getting pretty constant belly noises here. Mostly bubbles and gurgles with some loud growls.