Uploaded 4 new videos to New goddesses.
Valentina does beautiful vacuums cam a. Anyone who loves stomach vacuums is going to absolutely love this video. Gorgeous Valentine has complete control of her incredibly toned abs and ribs. Her vacuums are long and deep.
Valentina does beautiful vacuums abdomen close up. No nose plug on her beautiful face so you can see how hot she is. The light highlights every muscle, rib and curve of her flawless body.
Valentina does beautiful vacuums cam b. She looks at this camera a lot to make sure she’s doing the vacuum deep enough so it’s like she’s looking into your eyes.
Valentina standing heart tour fast slow comparison. Now that she’s standing and walking around you can see her super model looks in full effect. Her heart is recorded in each spot at rest and then immediately after exercise.
Expanded description. Before the video started I told her to turn to the side so you could see her sexy ass and backside a few times while she’s standing there. She interpreted that as constantly walking around but it really works out quite well. You hear her heart at rest while she stands there and then the video cuts to her heart racing from exercise. When the steth is moved to the next auscultation site her heart is at rest again. I had very little time to work with this hottie so this is her only exercise video.