Uploaded 6 new videos to New goddesses.
Sarah ECG breath experiments to get heart irregularity. She does a variety of breath holding, exhale holds and bend overs while the ECG and steth record the effects on her heart.
Sarah bike workout with ECG in black lingerie. Her highly conditioned heart laughs at exercise but she is able to get it into the 150’s after pedaling very fast on the hardest setting.
Valentina is an incredible breath holder wide angle. She does 1:30 on 1st attempt with zero training and gets very nice contractions. On her last attempt she gets 3:43 with long contractions. She’s extremely beautiful with a flawless toned body on top of her breath holding skills.
Valentina is an incredible breath holder face close up. The cam is zoomed in on her beautiful face the entire time. After her 1st breath hold attempt I could tell she’s a very rare girl who is going to be setting records. Notice her eyes fluttering as she pushes her time.
Valentina is an incredible breath holder abs and ribs close up. This version shows a very nice visible pulse throughout her body but especially between her ribs. Also a great view for fans of contracting ribs. Hers are tanned and toned.
Valentina is an incredible breath holder face from above. This is the view of her face from cam b. It is a special request from one of our best customers.
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