Today I’m offering 21 re edited High Quality 1920×1080 HD videos of one of our most popular girls ever Eva for the price of $100. Eva has a perfect 10 body with very ample natural tits a tiny waist and a tight round ass. More importantly her proportions are just perfect. She’s topless or naked most of the time. These are all breath holding and underwater videos from the first year that she started working for the fetish goddesses site 2010-2011. The average video length is 10 minutes. When editing these I made them as perfect as possible with color and audio correction when needed. As a bonus I’m also including Bella’s breath holding and bath tub videos all condensed into 3 long videos. Bella is the first girl to appear on the fetish goddesses site. If you want to see her just go to page 24. For people who have taken advantage of these offers before you can pay the same way. If you’re new contact me for payment instructions.

Heart beat related videos of Eva will be coming at a later date.