Today Jadis ditches the pasties and goes full topless exposing some truly exquisite breasts.
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Topless heart tour experiment with some heart magic. She listens to her heart with the full Littmann stethoscope at the major auscultation sites and experiments with holding in a breath and holding an exhale. Her heart gets some awesome unusual beats. While she smiles at you.
Oiled ab pulse fast and slow in see through top. We don’t shoot ab pulse from this angle very often but it worked out nicely here. She’s getting a nice visible pulse in those toned abs at rest and then it’s like a recurring earthquake after exercise.
The bouncy twins on the stairs sooo hot. Daaaamn she looks so fine in this very popular video. Her perfectly perky tits bounce and jiggle as she comes down the stairs and her tight round bubble but looks fantastic as she goes back up. Heart beat recorded on bottom step. Don’t miss this one.