Juno wanted to shoot some videos in her american flag bikini for the fourth of July. Since you saw her last she had a baby and somehow she’s skinnier than ever and has no stretch marks at all.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Juno.
Super skinny vacuums cam a. She’s always been one of the best at doing vacuums and she sure doesn’t disappoint in this one. There is a huge gap between her bikini bottoms and her abs when she sucks in as her hip bones make a bridge with the material.
Super skinny vacuums cam b. Her vacuums look just as amazing in this view. Very defined ribs and ripped abs. Of course she does all of her vacuums in an erotic way.
Workout with unexpected surprise. She does squats on the first set and then during rest she stretches and bends forward which stops her heart for a short time. Huge speed change and a stop which returns to normal when she stands back up. Very sexy skinny girl workout.