If you miss the good old days check this deal out.
I found the raw camera footage from many of our best videos ever, circa 2009-2011 on old hard drives and I’ve remastered them in super high quality HD with improved audio.
When we started the sites we were getting charged for every megabyte of space we took up on the servers so I had to keep the file size down with high compression and smallish resolution of 720×406 pixels. This was especially horrible whenever there was a lot of movement like in a bath tub video. Now you won’t see any compression artifacts in underwater scenes. At the time we were recording heart beat audio directly into the camera rather than using a professional audio recorder like we do today. The camera method produced audio that was too loud and clipping. I was able to fix that when editing these new improved versions. The only problem with high quality is the files are so big that I can’t sell them the traditional way over the internet. I’m going to group them together in packages and sell them the old fashioned way by mailing each buyer a memory card with the files on it. The first package consists of super sexy fetish goddess models Kayla, her friend Sarah and Summer. You get every breath holding and underwater video Kayla and Sarah ever made and most of the videos from Summer for $220. That’s $200 for the videos and $20 for the memory card and shipping. Since these videos were edited all over as if they were new, I included new content never seen before. If interested in this phenomenal deal, email me and we will work out payment and shipping.  I may offer more deals like this with different models in the future.
I’m only offering this deal to the first 5 people. 2 people have already placed their orders which leaves 3 spots left.