I’ve wanted to incorporate 3D VR into our sites somehow and with the new Lenovo Mirage Camera I think it’s time. I’ve been watching 3D VR videos since the PS4 Pro VR system and the Samsung galaxy gear came out. When done right the videos are absolutely freaking amazing. It’s like you are really there. I’ve watched a video where a smoking hot model in a bikini was leaning in so close to the camera that I smelled her breath for a second before remembering I was watching a video. You can pause these videos at your favorite part and perv out for as long as you want. I plan on selling 3D vr 180 videos on our sites and making some free videos available on youtube. 180 is way better than 360 because the resolution is much higher so everything is clearer. 360 is very hard to watch if you’re sitting down because you have to keep looking backwards and all over. With 180 degree video you see everything in front of you, directly to each side and straight up and down. This Lenovo camera is so new that it’s not even out yet for the general public but it’s coming very soon. I’ve seen sample videos from the camera on youtube VR via the PlayStation VR headset and the quality is the best I’ve seen anywhere. You will be able to view the videos on any VR device, even the very cheap google cardboard. The only problem is I can’t afford the $300 price tag so I’m looking for a donation or donations so we can get this thing. It will cost about $350 for the camera, shipping and a large memory card. It takes micro SD and all of the cards I own are regular SD. If you can help pay for this or pay outright for it message me. 3D VR videos will change your life.

You can also buy the camera from my Amazon wish list and it will be sent directly to me. If anyone does by the camera I will take this post down.