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Exam for a reality show part 2. The doctor palpates her abdomen in all quadrants with light and then deep pressure. Finger percussion is also performed. He auscultated her abdomen as well but there was nothing going on inside her stomach at the time so it was not included in the video.
POV sexy workout with full Littmann stethoscope. She works that gorgeous young body of hers in front of you and then stops to rest close enough for you to listen with your steth. She joins you with her own full Littmann master cardiology stethoscope.
Breath holding with best contractions so far a. She really pushes herself in this one and gets some nice contractions that last longer than any of her previous videos. Heart beat is recorded.
Breath holding with best contractions so far b. Nice to see her continuously improving her breath holding skills. Great view of her bright green eyes in this cam since she’s looking up most of the time.