Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Peyton.
Exam for a reality show part 1. She gets an exam for a reality show. Part 1 focuses on the verbal interview, breathing, neck pulse, wrist pulse, heart auscultation and palpation sitting up then auscultation and palpation reclined. We finish with a short ultrasound exam of heart.
Expanded description: This is part one of the exam. Part 2 will focus on an abdominal exam with percussion and both light and firm palpation. Part 3 is a heart stress test. Peyton looks amazing and is a fantastic patient in all of these. She spots the Dr’s camera and looks right at it multiple times during these exams.
During part one we use the full Littmann stethoscope with no microphone inside. Immediately after the scene ends we record the same auscultation sites with a microphone and I added it into the video during editing so you get the best visual and audio.
Mermaid time in the tub wide angle. Wow she really looks amazing underwater. It’s her first time ever performing UW but she learns very quickly and becomes quite good at it. She gets multiple breath hold times between 3 and 4 minutes. This is the widest angle version.
Mermaid time in the tub Medium shot. This version cuts out her legs and some of the extra tub. She smiles a lot and keeps her mouth open as she slowly moves around and gives peaks at those incredible breasts. She also arches her back and tilts her head back in a sexy way.
Mermaid time in the tub close up on face. This is specifically for those who are obsessed with a pretty face underwater. Her bright green eyes will captivate you as she touches her own luscious lips and plays with her hair.