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Deep breathing packing and stretching a. She takes the deepest breaths she can possibly fit in her lungs over and over while stretching out in a variety of ways. She occasionally holds the air in and keeps packing in more until her lungs are over filled.
Deep breathing packing and stretching b. You can very clearly hear all of her breathing sounds. She really stuffs those longs with a ton of air and gives a good show for rib fans.
POV workout for you she listens with full stethoscope. She does a leg workout a few feet in front of you and then stops and steps up so you can put your steth on her pounding and heaving chest. She listens along with her own full stethoscope. She’s very sexy in this one.
Very clear ultrasound views. She lies on her side and the transducer gets really clear views into her chambers. You can see multiple chambers and valves at work in the same image. Pictures of this are never close to the movement captured by video.