Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Delia.
Breath holds sitting up with belt restriction. She holds her breath multiple times with a belt squeezing very tightly around her waist making it look even tinier than usual. She gets some great contractions and has perfect HB audio.
Breath holds sitting up with belt restriction cam b. Every part of this video was entirely her idea. If you love it she gets all of the credit. Her body looks very nice with tiny waist and protruding ribs. She holds her breath for an amazing amount of time considering she’s sitting up.
Too much fun with Danny Cee cam a. Again this video is entirely her idea and she has been planning it for months. Perfect heart beat audio the whole time. Danny cee gets more bold as time goes on and pinches Delia’s nose shut forcing Delia to hold her breath longer.
Too much fun with Danny Cee cam b. Delia is holding her breath most of the time. The only time she’s breathing is during short breaks.