Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Bast.
Merbast wide angle. Merbast is one of the sexiest mermaids in the world. She goes under the 1st time with no hint that the water burns her eyes or nose. She exudes sensual grace while staying underwater for a nice long time every time. She plays with a fabric.
Merbast close up. The cam is zoomed in on Merbast cutting out some of the tub and her legs. She smiles and seduces you with her underwater charms. She pushes herself to stay under and lifts her chest out of the water when she gets contractions.
Expanded description. It’s no secret that Bast is amazing underwater but here are a few more things about this video. She takes her top off near the end. You get to see her take her last breath or two and come up for air every time. Her lips quiver as she fights through her contractions.