Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jadis.
She is hungover and has a headache in all of these videos today. She hardly ever drinks but some friends were in town. She’s also wearing a wig.
ECG sampler. She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, and exercises 2 ways. You can see how her heart produces pretty small peaks on the ECG as she rests on the floor but the peaks keep growing as more stress is put on her heart.
Really nice belly noises. Her belly is very active in this video making a lot of great noise. In the beginning it’s really going crazy for a few minutes and then changes but it’s still great.
Really nice belly noises close up. This cam is zoomed in on her stomach from a different angle. She hasn’t ate anything since her night out.
Visible chest pulses fast and slow. The cam is zoomed in on her chest as she rests and perfect heart beat audio is recorded. Later she exercises before the scene begins so we hear the transition from fast to slow.