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Sexy vacuums with heart beat cam a. She blows the air out of her lungs and sucks in her stomach as much as she can for as long a she can. She’s good at this and looks gorgeous doing it. Visible pulse in her abs.
Sexy vacuums with heart beat cam b. The view from above. She looks so hot in her blue bikini and her face is extra beautiful in this one. Her heart is beating very slow.
Heart tour sitting up. She gives a tour of her heart at the major auscultation sites while sitting up and flirting with you. She plays with her hair and smiles while the sounds of her heart beat fill your ears.
Ultrasound of heart at rest. She lies on her back while the transducer probes her heart. Nice views of her chambers and valves. She looks around the room a few times but spends most of the time looking right at you with those gorgeous green eyes.