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Heart tour. We cover apex, Erb’s point, pulmonary and finally aortic. Since her heart is so easy to record, you’ll hear the distinct difference over each area. Bonus for irregular hb fans as she got a lot of PVC’s just after 8 and 9 minute in the video.
Super fast heart from squats. She does squats to get her heart racing hard and fast into the upper 170’s. Very clear heart audio the whole time. Facing straight at you, she looks as sweet as her heart sounds in this one.
Unique stomach vacuums cam a. She tries stomach vacuums for the first time in her life and manages to do some great vacuums but her body reacts in a unique way that you have to see. Nice heart beat audio.
Unique stomach vacuums cam b. The view from above. At approx 2:20 into the video her heart seems confused from the lack of air and gets a sweet episode of tachy-arrhythmia at two different times during that hold.