Today we welcome an all natural stunner to the goddess sites. Peyton’s heart beats extremely slow from her frequent exercising but she can still get it pounding when she does exercise. Her beautiful face and ample chest will put a spell on anyone who watches her videos. People tell her that she looks like the mother of dragons in game of thrones and after working with her for two days I agree with that.

Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Peyton.
1st breath holds with heart beat cam a. She does the first attempt with no direction and then improves greatly with each successive attempt after being taught breathing and relaxation techniques. She looks around with those gorgeous green eyes most of the time.
1st breath holds with heart beat cam b. She uses the timer on later attempts so she can see how long she’s going for and push herself longer. She gets a sweet murmur on S1 at rest.
Bike workout chest pulse cam a. She rides the bike a few times to get her heart pounding hard and fast. During rest you can see her chest moving with each rapid beat. She has a smile on her face for most of the video and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.
Bike workout chest pulse cam b. This is the view from the other side and it’s zoomed in on her chest for nice visible pulses.
1st Belly noises. Her belly is making consistent noises but it’s mostly pops and bubbles.