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Best ultrasound ever during intense breath holds. She holds her breath as long as she can while the ultrasound transducer captures the clearest images ever during BH. Even during contractions you can clearly see chambers and valves working under that stress.
Expanded description. She gets her usual nice long contractions and the ultrasound image is just as clear as before the contractions. You can see her chambers deform as her chest compresses and her valves flap open and closed irregularly as the contractions change the shape of her chest. The machine is set up for when she’s holding her breath so the image fades in and out when she’s breathing again.
Workout lay down visible pulsations. She does jumping jacks to get her heart racing and then lies on the floor quickly so we can see her chest and abdomen rippling with each powerful beat. The lighting is set up differently so you can see the beat pass down her chest and abs in a wave.