Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
Super fast 170bpm breath holds with PVC’s a. Her heart was beating so fast on the 1st attempt that we had to see just how fast on the next attempts with the vitals machine. At the beginning of her holds hb is over 170bpm. It slowly drops to more normal numbers the longer she goes.
Super fast 170bpm breath holds normal audio b. This is the same as cam a but there is no heart beat audio. Just room audio so you can hear her squirming around and fighting to keep the air in.
Super fast 170bpm breath holds with PVC’s c. View from the other camera. Although her hb eventually drops it stays in the 170 160 150 range for a long time. So it’s an absolute miracle that she can hold her breath for as long as she does. She gets great heart reactions throughout the vid.
Expanded description. With her heart racing this fast I don’t know how she can possibly hold her breath for more than a minute but she somehow gets to about 3 minutes. She tries closing her eyes and slowing her heart. Then she tries wearing the belt tightly around her waist like she did in her record 4 minute attempt. Throughout all attempts she gets some great heart magic and very nice long contractions.