Uploaded 5 new Videos to Divine Lux.
Fast cardio visible pulse custom a. In this custom video she rides the bike as hard as she can to get her heart racing very fast then during rest we see the chest and abs pulsing hardcore. 1st 2nd attempts regular breathing. 3rd 4th attempts breath holding.
Fast cardio visible pulse custom close up. Her heart is racing super face in the 1st 10 seconds and only goes faster from there. Really nice visible pulse is magnified x10 when she starts holding her breath. Her whole body rocks with each beat.
Fast cardio visible pulse custom cam b. The view from the other side. During breath holding it looks like a wrecking ball is bouncing around inside her body. Of course she gets numerous unusual beats.
Beautiful vacuums cam a. She does some gorgeous vacuums for as long as she can with regular room audio. Very nice rib protrusion and concave abs. She looks very pretty in her new black lingerie.
Beautiful vacuums cam b. If you like the look of vacuums then this is a really nice video.