Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Super slow unusual beats with visible pulse. Her heart is beating so slow that is stops for a moment on every 4th to 6th beat. Many unusual beats scattered throughout. Visibe pulse is recorded.
Super slow unusual beats with visible pulse close up. The zoomed in version. She rests and breathes normal for the first few minutes and then she starts holding a deep breath and packing in extra air.
Super slow unusual beats with visible pulse cam b. A totally different angle from the other cam.
Jiggle but jump squats. She tries jump squats and instantly regrets it because they are difficult. When she can’t do anymore she stops to rest and show off her ass in the pants. Every time she jumps her ass and legs jiggle in the air in a very pleasing way.
Belly noises while starving. She hasn’t ate anything for almost two days and she gets to go pig out at a favorite restaurant right after this so she’s thinking about food. Sharp pains alert her to the next loud stomach growl.