Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Phyra.
Contraction fest 2017 extreme Bh contests cam a. Phyra is the current breath hold queen and Lux has been off for over a year so we handicapped Phyra significantly. Lux took as many breaths as she wanted before starting while Phyra only gets one breath. Can she still beat Lux?
Contraction fest 2017 extreme Bh contests cam b. Both cam a and b have regular room audio. If you want to hear heart beats go to Lux’s page. They get a ton of intense contractions because they’re both very competitive. Really fantastic video for BH fans.
Lux auscultates Phyra lying and standing. Lux uses her brightly colored stethoscope to listen to Phyra’s chest at multiple points. She asks Phyra to hold her breath once lying and standing. Nice clear audio.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
Contraction fest 2017 with multiple heart events cam a. This has heart beat audio from Phyra on the 1st two attempts and Lux on the last attempt. Phyra gets a few minor heart events on both of her holds while Lux gets a pretty major event about half way through her turn.
Contraction fest 2017 with multiple heart events cam b. You can hear that Lux’s heart is beating way faster than Phyra’s during this incredible video. Lux thinks she was passing out on the last attempt though you can’t tell in the video. Regular room audio versions are on Pyhra’s site.
Expanded description. Phyra’s classic multiple clicks came in nicely during breaks but on her first hold, S2 splits are sweeter than average. Lux’s heart pretty much gave in near the end of the video (approx 10 mins into the video) where it threw several PVC’s within a minute. Excellent video for irregular hb fans.
Steth swapping with jumping jacks. They take turns doing jumping jacks. While one of them is working out the other is resting with the steth over her heart. Again Lux’s heart won’t slow down. Nice different in heart sounds from these two.