Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Phyra.
Her best breath hold videos so far cam a. She sets a new standard for herself and every other model with this incredible video. She pushes herself extremely hard. There’s a lot of squirming around and rocking back and forth with intense contractions.
Her best breath hold videos so far cam a room audio. This version has crystal clear room audio with no heart beat. You can hear every little sound her throat makes as she tries to keep the air in. You also hear her squirming around on the carpet.
Her best breath hold videos so far cam b. This is not only her best breath hold video ever, it’s also one of the best we’ve ever filmed. She gets over 4 minutes on 1st attempt and way over 4 minutes on 2nd.

Expanded description. Every time you think she couldn’t possibly go any longer she just keeps on struggling along, You think she’s reaching up to finally pull off her nose plug but nope she’s just squeezing it on her nose tighter. Her face changes color and she rocks around so much frighting to go longer that she ends up on her side during recovery.