Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
The video that keeps on giving. Bast tries the same standing bh video that Trilogy and Phyra did and has the same incredible results. Her heart is going crazy the whole time. Extremely slow almost stopping on exhales, racing out of control during holds. Mild PVC after 1st exhale.
Expanded description. She really struggles with this one and it looks like she’s about to give up after 4-5 minutes but then she gets her second wind and continues past 10 minutes. Afterwards she told me that she got very light headed and was seeing stars. Every time she starts holding her breath her heart starts racing out of control then when she exhales it immediately slams to damn near a stop. After she exhales the 1st breath and inhales her 2nd breath her heart goes wonky and messes up a few beats. She said the video was a lot harder than she thought it would be.
Incredible visible pulses in golden light. She has a nice tan which is complimented by some beautiful golden light. We place an egg on the spot and it moves all over the place with each powerful beat. Next is a shot glass and finally bare skin. Tons of movement.
Incredible visible pulses in golden light close up. This is zoomed in on the spot that moves the most as she holds her breath. One of our best visible pulse videos ever. Her heart displaces her skin so much it seems unnatural and her body looks awesome.