Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Delia.
Big breast nose plug cam a. This is entirely Delia’s idea. She thought that a nice big juicy breast pressed on her face over her nose and mouth might help her hold her breath longer. Her friend Danny Cee was happy to oblige.
Big breast nose plug cam b. It’s pretty cool that Delia came up with this idea and it seems to have worked. She pushes herself harder than usual and gets some nice contractions and ab flexing. You can hear heart beat audio the whole time.
Big breast nose plug cam c. Danny Cee presses her breast on Delia the whole time on the 1st attempt and then on the next attempts she waits a while before pressing her breast on Delia’s face. When Delia has to breathe she just pushes Danny Cee off.
Danny Cee listens with ear on chest. Danny Cee tells Delia to do a variety of exercises. While Delia is exercising we hear Danny Cee’s heart. We hear Delia’s heart during recovery.