Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Sexy breath holds cam a. This is for the breath holding fans. You hear all of the little noises she makes while trying to hold her breath for as long as possible. She’s also flirting with you the entire time.
Sexy breath holds cam b. This is the view from her head towards her hips. She caresses her own body and plays with her bottoms, pulling them down on either side exposing her hips.
Sexy breath holds cam c. This is the view from her hips towards her head. She gets nice contractions and looks gorgeous as she smiles at you.
Bendovers for heart magic. She does a variety of breathplay and exercise combined with bending over which causes her heart to do all kinds of irregular things like loud PVC’s and super slow downs. Something about her hair makes her look extra gorgeous in this one.

Expanded description: This is a rare treat for irregular heart beat fans. Bast’s healthy heart usually isn’t phased by breath holds (standing up or lying down) but there’s something about bend overs and exhale holds that makes her heart do tricks. It’s just the right dose of stress induction that causes some sweet, loud PVC’s and some super slowdowns. Plus hb audio is crystal clear.