Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Natasha.
Multiple pulses during long breath holds a. She holds the deepest breath she can while visible pulses are recorded on her abs chest and neck. Her body looks phenomenal and the lighting is different from usual. Clear heart beat audio.
Multiple pulses during long breath holds b. This is the view from higher up and near her hips looking towards her head. You can see a neck pulse during the breath hold but her neck explodes with strong waves of blood as soon as she lets the air out.
Multiple pulses during long breath holds c. This view looks from her head towards her hips. All angles show the pulses equally well but look quite different.
The sexiest ab pulse ever during vacuums. In this amazing video her abs look absolutely incredible with very nice complimenting lighting but it’s the strong visible pulse that makes it the best ever. Her belly button looks like a mouth opening and closing with each beat.