These are the final videos from gorgeous Madison. She was one of the best models we’ve ever had. Her personality is as stunning as her appearance. She will be missed in a huge way. Sad face…
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Madison.
Trying to get low oxygen a. She does a regular breath hold after a few deep breaths with the goal of getting her oxygen levels as low as possible. Then she does no air exhale holds with the same goal.
Trying to get low oxygen b. This is the view from above. She gives a great effort and looks gorgeous trying. Her oxygen levels do get pretty low and you hear clear heart beat as well as room audio.
Trying to get low oxygen c. This is the view from her head towards her hips. She struggles and pushes herself nicely to get those low oxygen numbers.
Sexy stairs workout. This is always a popular video and why wouldn’t it be. You get a great view of bouncing tits and ass as she gets her heart racing and then she flirts with you while resting.