Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Madison.
Underwater sexy time in the mask a. Madison has never gone UW without plugging her nose and closing her eyes so we start her out with the scuba mask. She does really nice long breath holds. Later we take the mask off and finally at the end she’s ready to try it with nothing on her face.
Underwater sexy time in the mask b. This is the view from up closer to her face. She looks fantastic in the mask for those who are into that look. And she look natural with nothing on her face once she’s ready to try it. Her red hair makes the tank slightly red.
Workout heart beat comparison. She wants to see which exercise can get her heart racing the fastest, jumping in the air as high as she can over and over again or pedaling the bike as fast as she can on the hardest level. She looks incredibly hot the whole time and gets her heart racing.