Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine April.
Super sexy mermaid April is a stunner 2. Wow she’s really killing it with these underwater videos. Her beautiful face is so relaxed with mouth open, her breath holds are long and her body is unbelievably hot. She shows off her sexy ass in a g-string and strips out of her top.
Super sexy mermaid April is a stunner 2 cam b. This entire video is a must buy for UW fans but her last time under is incredible. She forces herself to stay under past her usual limit while trying to maintain a smile. She gets strong contractions and amazing faces as she keeps going to the surface, changing her mind and staying under longer.
Nurse April no air low oxygen test a. She’s in her sexy nurse outfit again as she does no air hold for as long as she can so we can see how low her oxygen can go. She really blows out every bit of air from her lungs before starting and gets really nice long times and low oxygen levels.
Nurse April no air low oxygen test b. She’s on a whole new level with all of her breath holding videos lately. Her willpower is fantastic as she kicks her legs and squirms all over the floor trying to eek out a few more seconds. On one of her later attempts she starts to pass out.