Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Madison.
Underwater breath holds with scuba mask a. Her 1st time in an UW video and she holds her breath longer than anyone else has in years. These are natural breath holds. On her last attempt she has contractions for over 1:35 and ends up with a time of 3:35.
Underwater breath holds with scuba mask b. This is a wider angle and closer to her face. She really has to fight on the last one. Her legs are flexing and she keeps looking at a clock outside of the tank. Really fantastic video for UW breath hold fans.
Visible chest pulse wide angle. She holds the deepest breath she can while we admire the visible pulse between her ribs and in her abs. Whenever she runs low on oxygen she breathes in even more air until her lungs are about to explode.
Visible chest pulse close up. This is the close up view of the area that moves the most with each heart beat. We added some oil to her skin to make the movement even more noticeable.
Visible chest pulse cam b. This totally different angle is equally good. The shadow from her bra helps show the movement. The lighting changes on each shot for variety.