Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
AquaBast in a see through dress a. Bast’s natural underwater ability makes her one of our best underwater models ever and she sure doesn’t disappoint in this sexy video. She starts in her bikini then she changes to a nice flowing, see through dress.
AquaBast in a see through dress b. This is the same video but shot from a wider angle that shows 95% of the tank and a closer view of her pretty face. She caresses her face and lips with an open mouth and beautiful mermaid glances.
Setting a new breath hold record a. Basts lungs were in tip top shape today because she gets a time of 4:18 on the 1st attempt. She gets almost the same time on the 2nd and 4:35 on last attempt. That’s a new record for her and the longest anyone has gone in a very long time.
Setting a new breath hold record b. Her goal was to see how low she can get her oxygen on the machine. You hear heart beat from the new Mic and regular room audio. Really fantastic effort.