Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine April.
Amazing and sexy oxygen breath holds a. Wow she does so good on her 1st oxygen enhanced breath holds. Her 1st attempt is 5:34 and her 2nd is 6:04. She gets her best contractions ever and squirms around so much as she pushes herself.
Amazing and sexy oxygen breath holds b. She takes her last breath from a bag that has about 40 or 50% oxygen in it (estimate). She gets her longest contractions by far and her beautiful abs are moving so much. Her legs are kicking and you can really see the struggle on her face.
Amazing and sexy oxygen breath holds c. She looks gorgeous in her red Lingerie and her body is in perfect shape. What a tremendous effort. It’s one of our best oxygen breath holds ever.
Heart beat tour of sexy nurse April new Mic. Our Microphones last about 3 months because of all of the abuse. Here she’s testing out a new mic that sounds great. Words can’t describe how hot she is in her sexy nurse outfit. She smiles and flirts while her heart beat fills your ears.