Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Pixie.
The new Breath hold challenge. She tries the same challenge that Madison did recently. She holds her breath for as long as she can while lying down. Then she hast to match that time while sitting up and standing. She makes it while sitting but doesn’t make it while standing.
The new Breath hold challenge b. I didn’t tell her what she would be doing so she really does try her hardest on the 1st attempt. Just like Madison it takes a tremendous effort and serious willpower to make the same time sitting up. Fantastic effort with long contractions and lots of squirming.
Pixie in the tank for the 1st time a. She was really looking forward to performing in the tank because she did pretty good in the tub. Unfortunately it’s a lot harder than she remembers. She does some posing while working her way to 2 minute bh times. Then she has fun with bubbles and screaming.
Pixie in the tank for the 1st time b. She has some fun blowing bubbles and screaming underwater. Between takes Lux asks her to float on top of the water after her screams so she does on the last one.