October is the month that keeps on giving because not only did super sexy Madison start her own site, Now drop dead gorgeous April has joined the team. What a great time to be alive.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine April.
Underwater breath holding with mask a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while wearing a sexy scuba mask. First she tries it with a weight on her chest and then floating face down. On her last attempt she starts losing control of her legs and muscles on her way to a time over 3 minutes.
Underwater breath holding with mask b. This is the same as cam a but the camera is zoomed in more on her torso, excluding her legs.
Underwater breath holding with mask c. This is the view from cam b. It is lower, closer and up near her head. You can see her entire sexy body in this view.
Really hot hunger growls. April is never making good belly noises but on this day she is starving and her stomach is going nuts with noises. She looks so incredibly gorgeous and her hunger growls are so perfect but they eventually fade away.