Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Underwater breath holds cam a. She needed to get used to performing underwater again and what better way then some breath hold practice. She keeps improving each time and gets to 3:14 on the last attempt. Nothing is on her face and she’s face up for the 1st few attempts.
Underwater breath holds cam b. This cam is shot from closer to her head looking towards her feet and you can see almost the entire tank. She uses a weight to hold herself down the 1st 2 times but then switches to floating face down so she can relax more.
Visible pulse breath holds with weight a. The weight placed on her chest moves with each heart beat and you can see her skin between each end of the weight fluttering. She holds her breath and keeps packing in extra air to make the pulse as visible as possible.
Visible pulse breath holds with weight b. This is the same as cam a but it’s zoomed in on the area with the pulse movement.