Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Zivena.
Breath holds on hands and knees. This method shows a different view of her abs and ribs as she gets contractions. Pristine audio and her heart sounds amazing in this position. On the last one she pushes herself super hard, shaking her legs and kicking her feet for a long time.
Expanded description. This is arguably one of the best hands and knees videos we ever shot. The Littmann steth never sounded better and Zivena put up an amazing effort the whole time. On each breath hold her heart split wide on every S2 beat then interestingly the splits stop during contractions. She also got some PVC’s on her 1st and 2nd attempts. Plus super hard pounding came out of nowhere on her last recovery. Great overall video.
Super awesome visible pulse cam a. She sits up on the stool and holds a deep breath in while a very visible pulse is recorded in the center of her chest. The whole area ripples in big waves with each beat. Light and shadows help show the movement.
Super awesome visible pulse cam b. This cam is looking straight onto her chest. Perfect heart beat is recorded at the same time as these stunning visuals.
ECG bike workout fast heart. She gets her heart into the high 170’s while the ECG records perfect readings. She does 3 sets and rests 3 times. Each time her heart is beating faster.