Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Really loud belly noises. She plays with her stomach a little bit in this one and gets some super loud noises.
Heart stopping bend overs with ECG. The ECG records her heart as she does breath holds and blows out when she bends over causing her heart to slow and then stop for what seems like too long. She spices things up with a variety of breath stress during ensuing bend overs.
POV feeling her pulse. After listening to each others hearts in the last video, she suggests that you feel her pulse. You oblige, feeling her neck and chest. She exercises for you and does a bit of breath play. Very sexy powerful heart fun.
Hardcore squats with weight ECG. She holds a large 25lb weight over her head while doing squats. The ECG records her heart which is racing very fast. Great audio and a tremendous effort on her part to get her ticker racing.