Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Juno.
Breath holds with belt restriction a. She does a regular breath hold for as long as she can while the belt is cinched as tightly as she can get it around her tiny little waist. Then she does a second breath hold with the oxygen. Great contractions and awesome faces during struggle.
Breath holds with belt restriction b. Her face reactions near the end of each hold are the best thing about these videos. She really looks like she’s struggling to keep the air in.
Girlfriend makes you a surprise video. These girlfriend videos have proven popular and nobody has portrayed a sexy vixen quite like Juno. She found your stash of heart beat videos and equipment and wants to prove she’s better than those video girls. So freaking hot!
Expanded description. She is a sexy kitten from beginning to end. She hits various auscultation sites, does some breath play, some exercise, and some bend overs. When she bends over her heart screeches to a halt. The BPM cut in half immediately. She is recording herself with the camera set up on a tripod. She turns it on in the beginning and walks up to shut it off at the end.
Underwater breath holds in the tub. She gets oxygen for three different breath holds in her sexy new bikini. Her mask stays clear so you can see her incredible, bright eyes. She slowly moves around and appears to be gyrating. She explodes out of the water gasping for air each time.