Uploaded 4 new Remastered HD videos to Divine Valkyrie.
HD breath holds with pressure on chest. She holds her breath for as long as she can while you press a lot of weight onto her chest and abs. Oxygen levels and pulse rate are recorded with the spo2.
HD breath holds in green bikini with spo2. She does regular breath holds for as long as she can while the vitals machine records oxygen levels and pulse rate. Heart beat audio is also recorded. Nice low oxygen levels and great contractions.
HD Breath hold dancing and changing with HB. She dances around and strips out of her clothes while holding her breath which is extremely difficult. When she can’t hold it any longer she picks up the steth for heart audio.
HD breath holding back arched over pillow. She does some nice long breath holds topless with her back arched over a pillow. Low oxygen levels on the machine from pushing herself hard.