Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Circe.
Wow Circe has been working out and it really shows in her body. Everything from her arms to her abs is toned and tight.
Vacuums to breath holds bent over cam a. She starts with a vacuum for as long as she can and then goes straight into a breath hold. Nice long contractions from those toned abs. She passes out a bit from holding the vacuum too long on last attempt.
Vacuums to breath holds bent over cam b. This view is lower. She really pushes hard and on her last attempt her face turns very white after her vacuum. Her whole body and face shake and her face muscles twitch. She changes body position many times to show off ribs.
Her best neck pulse lying on side. I don’t think I’ve recorded neck pulse with anyone laying on their side before. She changes the angle of her face a few times which brings out different views of her arteries and veins as they pump blood.