Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Julia.
The 1 minute breath hold challenge cam a. This is a great exercise to get her used to contractions and staying calm during low oxygen when her body and brain are screaming for air. She takes a single breath every minute for ten minutes straight.
The 1 minute breath hold challenge cam b. The view from above. On her last few minutes she has to take 2 breaths instead of one. Nice contractions and squirming.
Burpies almost end her. She does a few too many burpies after breath holding videos and the room goes black, she sits down and she can’t hear anything but wooshing. This near fainting is included in the video. She switches to jump squats for the remainder. It’s an awesome video so don’t miss it.
Ultrasound during rest. General ultrasound of her heart chambers and valves at rest. Near the end the Doctor makes use of a few other ultrasound modes.