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The more than one minute game a. She is supposed to hold her breath for one minute and then get a single breath and keep going like this until she finishes 10 minutes but she goes about 5 seconds longer than a minute the first 5 or 6 times.
The more than one minute game b. At the end she does the last breath hold for as long as she can.
Double steth heart samples. One steth is low on her chest while the other is up higher. You hear each steth location individually and together. A small arrow shows which steth(s) your listening to at the time. She does some breath holds to eliminate breathing sounds.
Hardcore bike exercise 3 rounds with sexy pasties. Wow her breasts and pasties are looking extremely good in this video. She gets her heart racing with the bike then stops to gasp for air. Another cam captures her heaving chest and visible pulses. This was a custom video.