Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Julia.
Very good sexy vacuums with room audio a. She does a fantastic job of sucking in her abs and sticking out her ribs during vacuums. At first she doesn’t quite exhale enough but she soon does full exhales for deep vacuums.
Very good sexy vacuums with room audio b. I think this is the best angle for her vacuums. At the end she relaxes the vacuum and sucks it back in again over and over again while not breathing.
Belly noises with heart artery sounds. You can hear the large artery under her belly button beating the entire time while her belly makes some noises.
Listening and experimenting with the purple candy steth. She listens to her own heart beat with our cutest stethoscope while the regular steth mic combo records her heart beat for our enjoyment. She experiments with breath holding.